Course Fee: £ 365 (inc vat)  
  Course Date and start time:
15 February 2012
    Three consecutive days, 10.00am until 5.00pm.

Introduction to Journalism


This day-time beginners' course is designed to introduce students to the skills that journalists require. You will discover how stories progress from the idea to publication. Work is carried out individually, in pairs and as part of a small team and feedback is given throughout. By the end of the three days, students should be able to write in a journalistic style and have a good understanding of how journalists operate.

  Day 1: News What is news, intros, inverted pyramid, structure, sources, questions, facts, the 5 Ws, quotes, interviewing for news, making your story stand up, police, councils, press officers, skills, qualities, mistakes to avoid, balance, writing and editing
  Day 2: News/Features Where to find news, teasing the reader, meeting deadlines, writing and editing, news in brief, taste, advertising, news vs features, what is a feature, feature intros, endings, meeting the brief, finding a hook, writing the feature, great quotes, style
  Day 3: Features/Vox Pops/Law/Commissioning Feature ideas, getting the best quotes, body language, killer questions, structure, interviewing for features, the features brief, more on writing the feature, vox pops, how to conduct vox pops, the IPSO, the courts, commissioning, the job market, future options, Q&A
  Assignments:   Students will work on news reports, features and interviews during the course.


The course will run again in May 2012